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At the start of this year, few of us had any idea that we were about to embark on a steep learning curve into the world of virtual events, or that six months later we’d be looking for innovative ways to connect with and celebrate Christmas with our colleagues, friends and family! It’s been a roller coaster ride for everyone; adapting to new ways of working and living. For us, we’ve also been beavering away behind the scenes to implement a business name change, in line with ELLE magazine’s instructions, and are currently moving our online and offline presence to the new and improved ‘Ellevate Entertainment Ltd’.


The next six months may look uncertain, but we NEED to focus on what we CAN do! So, full steam ahead to the festive season, and 10 fun ways we can help spread Christmas cheer safely!


Photo by Toby Merritt Photography

1.       SANTA BABIES – Available live for online, doorstep events, or pre-recorded greetings performances, this fabulously festive vocal act is perfect as a background act for drinks receptions or as a light-hearted and festive interval to business proceedings. Bringing the best-loved songs of Christmases past, wrapped up with blissful harmonies and sprinkled with sharp dance routines… Whether from behind a camera or stood on a driveway, these ladies will get everyone tapping their feet and singing along from the comfort of their own homes!


2.       COMEDIAN CHRIS – Are you ready to rap this party up?! Chris’ wit, intelligent wordplay and rapid freestyle rap has established him as one of the most sought-after acts for international comedy festivals, clubs and the corporate circuit. He says he will rap about ANYTHING! Throw a selection of words at Chris, let him drop the beat, and listen as he creates a mindblowing and hilarious one-off rap, just for you and your team! Also available as a recorded freestyle rap for someone special or a team that needs roasting!


3.       A FESTIVE FLUTTER ON THE GEE GEES – Grab your friends, family or work colleagues, and enjoy a trip to Lockdown Park. Hosted by some of TV’s top compere talent, these nights are fast-paced and full of fun. With races on the flat and over the fences, don your Ascot finest, there are points and prizes to be won!


4.       CHRISTMAS PARTY PSYCHIC – We could all do with a crystal ball right now! Lighten and brighten your event, with this unusual online entertainment option, anywhere you are across the world. Our Funny Fortune Teller will shock your guests with her amazing psychic talents. Sessions can include palmistry, tarot and crystal ball readings. Your attendees will end up laughing in surprise at her insightful, positive and humorous approach!


5.       YULETIDE SONG PRODUCTION – Who’s up for writing a Christmas No. 1?! Led by world class musicians, this session unites participants through the power of music! The crowd chooses the chords and style of tempo, collaborates with the lyrics, and within an hour’s session you have your own bespoke song – a unique memento to keep. Our song production sessions inspire creativity, strengthen connections, empower teams and builds a deeply unified corporate culture.


numerologist smiling next to a blue 8 helium balloon

6.       THE MAGIC OF NUMEROLOGY – Take your team on a fascinating and inspiring journey by delving into destiny numbers, your personal year, and the meaning and expression of your name. Jo Soley’s Bizology workshop uses the Powers of Numerology to help elevate your team’s success. Connecting your delegates to the energies of the numbers by showing them how the energies of the numbers affect us on a daily basis, sharing what numerology is and isn’t, and will show the delegates how to calculate their life path number, what these specific energies mean and how to harness this energy in their life and career. 



7.       CHARLIE CHRISTMAS CREATIONS – Christmas is all about eating, drinking and feeling merry, and we have the perfect adventure for those tastebuds with this Flavour Explorer session! One hour in length and in the very capable hands of a Charlie Creations representative, your participants will receive individual taste experience boxes delivered direct to their door ahead of the event, and on the day, be able to share in the extravaganza with others on the call!



8.       CHRISTMAS CARTOON WORKSHOP – A group lesson with the talented Harry Venning. Harry is Strip Cartoonist of the Year, has contributed cartoons on a weekly basis for the Guardian newspaper for over 25 years and has written 67 episodes of the Radio 4 comedy show, “Clare in the Community”. In his uniquely humorous and informative style, Harry will show you step by step, how to be effective in story telling using the power of the pen and robbed of the written word.



9.       THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS ESCAPE ROOM – Who can solve the puzzles and escape first from the Mystery Mansion? Share screens and compete in teams to become the champions by escaping the rooms in the fastest time. You have the tasks, challenges, puzzles and riddles to solve to earn clues and escape each room. Working together, delegates connect and learn things about each other, encouraging communication and boosting team morale.


10.   SEASONAL ONLINE PUB QUIZ – We all love a pub quiz, but right now these are restricted… So, how about a virtual pub experience where you can enjoy a selection of craft beers and snacks delivered to your door, whilst joining colleagues in an hilarious live hosted quiz just for you? A wide variety of rounds to keep you on your toes, coupled with personalised questions around the topic of your choice!



Whilst we’re moving our online presence across to Ellevate Entertainment, we’re still available by all usual means. You don’t need to do anything except save our new web and email address which is and



Lots of Love,


Ella x

We are still the same exclusive agency with a big heart, passionate about working with clients who are looking for high quality, live and virtual entertainment acts with the wow factor. We only recommend artists we know and trust to be outstanding, and we would love to share them with you this Christmas and beyond, so get in touch with us now to check availability! 0333 355 3619 or email