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The summer solstice has been and gone, and now we look ahead to the evenings drawing in, and all the autumnal celebrations just around the corner! Next up is Halloween, and until now, here in the UK has been no match for our friends across the pond. Last year however, the All Hallows Eve celebration was cited as the fastest growing retail event in the UK for young people, increasing sales by 35% in the last four years… Could this be down to the number of Retail campaigns promoting the event?


With Asda and Aldi running TV ad campaigns, and other brands such as Budweiser and Coca-Cola, re-branded packaging to mark the celebration, this is a growing sales sector. So, this month we’re bringing you some interactive entertainment ideas to create ambience, engage with clients and customers, and drive those sales up!


1. DANCE WITH DEATH: Choose from a freestyle masked dancing duo to a surprise flashmob of phantoms – a roaming act will create movement and atmosphere, not to mention ensure that your audience is involved in the ethereal experience



2. Zombie Acrobatics provided by Elle EntertainmentTHE WALKING DEAD: Try a trio of zombies just waiting to eat your brains entertain your guests. Incorporating jaw-dropping acrobatics, audience participation and rotten humour, our Zombie Acrobats liven up the atmosphere either as a walkabout act or choreographed show.



3. FIRE ‘EM UP: Adding an air of danger and decadence to any Halloween event. Whether up high on stilts strolling through the crowd or on the ground spinning hellfire, a flaming performance catches everyone’s eye, drawing them in closer to the action.



4. FREAKISH FACEPAINT: Face and body art is still a hugely popular trend both for children and adults alike, and within just a few minutes you can throw people into the festivities with some frightening facepaint – the kids will be trick or treat ready in no time!



5. BLACK MAGIC: Enchant your guests with our range of up-close and wandering magicians, conjuring up wicked wizardry right in the public eye. Jaw-dropping wow moments to excite even the most cynical soul!



6.LIVING CHAIR: Even the keenest shopper will appreciate a blissful moment of relaxation, taking the weight off those feet in a comfy chair… But once they take their seat, the chair comes to life taking the unsuspecting ‘sitter’ completely by surprise, and giving a perfect photo opportunity of their reaction! 





7. EXPELLIARMUS!: The nation’s favourite wizard comes to visit! Welcome Harry Potter, together with Hermione and Ron, Dumbledore, or ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’ *shudder*, into your venue, to entertain the muggles. As a meet and greet, mix and mingle, or short, snappy appearance. Quick, catch them before they head back to Hogwarts!

Ellevate Entertainment is a small agent with big hearts, passionate about working with clients who are looking for high quality, live acts with the wow factor. We only recommend acts we know and trust to be outstanding, and their diaries are being booked up fast so if you’re looking to add the ‘oowee’ into your Halooohween event, get in touch with us now to check availability. Click here to contact us!