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This month sees the shop windows twinkling with lights and festooned fir trees, and this, of course, is our first sign that the season of goodwill is upon us. For our Retail clients, it’s time to pull all the stops to maximise this opportunity for the busiest and most profitable time of the year.


With the potential to put customers and staff in the best mood for buying, define your brand image and attract an increase in sales. Here we give seven examples of how live music can help you stand out from the rest…



1)      Music adds atmosphere

In a survey conducted by Entertainment Media Research Ltd, 95% of shoppers said they prefer the shopping experience with Christmas music playing, and out of this number 4 in 10 said they prefer Christmas songs that they know and love. Believe it or not, the most popular song choice (loved by 1 in 2 people. Fact!) is ‘All I Want For Christmas’ by Mariah Carey. The same number of people that admit to singing along to songs at this time of year (come on, we know you do!).


A live seasonal act creates a unifying and enjoyable experience, giving customers (and staff) a visual and auditory treat, which boosts mood, releases those feel-good chemicals in our brain and so, in a nutshell, makes consumers feel happier and more generous!


2)      Music differentiates your brand

By using a themed live music act, you can communicate your brand and personality to shoppers, as they step inside the door. Are you laid back? Family-friendly? Edgy, vibrant and energetic? The style and tempo of music speaks volumes, before shoppers have even looked at your products, and can entice consumers in purely based on what they hear from outside.


3)      Music creates space for the shopper

Background music and entertainment creates a mask, and allows shoppers to wander and browse with a sense of privacy, in their own (seasonal, magical) world, undisturbed by others.


4)      Music sets the shoppers’ pace

The style and tempo of music can affect a customers’ pace. Something slow, acoustic and quieter tends to make people move slowly through a store and consider purchases more whereas fuller, more upbeat music, quickens the pace and adds excitement, perhaps encouraging more impulse buys.


We have to be careful here however as volume also contributes to the shopping experience; it has to be loud enough to create the ambience but not so loud as too affect people’s ability to think, and drive them out of the store! Perhaps a plan for the day, to soften the pace during off-peak times when you want to encourage people to linger, while a faster beat during busy periods to keep the flow moving.


5)      Music increases staff productivity

At busy times of the year, it is just as important to ensure that staff and managers’ energy and morale is boosted. Retail can be an extremely stressful environment to work in, and with live music playing, not only does this lift the spirits of the team in-store, but will create a more productive team and likely to give your customers a better experience.


6)      Music shortens perception of wait time

If you put a live music act within sight of the tills, customers can continue to have an enjoyable experience, and with a visual act, by watching AND listening to the music whilst in line. So their perception of the wait time is not only shortened, but they may even enjoy their time in the queue (who’d have thought!?!)


7)      Music creates a quality shopping experience

With the continual threat of the online shopping, it is important that stores create a magical shopping experience. Engage all the senses, keeping people in the moment and excited to make a purchase.


If you want to add an extra Wow to increase sales in-store this season, get in touch now to discuss how, with live entertainment, we can help you achieve that: 0333 355 3619 or email us.

Photo: Toby Merritt Photography

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