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Tiffany and Connor: Aerial Artistry Unveiled Around the Globe

Embark on a journey through the skies with Tiffany and Connor, a dynamic duo with seven years of professional performance experience. In the past three years, their focus has seamlessly shifted towards crafting unique and mesmerizing aerial acts that push the boundaries of entertainment. From the heart of London to the bustling energy of Hong Kong, Tiffany and Connor have left audiences spellbound worldwide.

– Aerial Prowess –

Specializing in a diverse range of aerial acts, including silks, straps, hoop, and beyond, Tiffany and Connor bring a touch of enchantment to corporate events and special occasions. Their performances are a testament to years of dedicated practice, delivering mesmerizing displays that elevate any event to extraordinary heights.

– Versatility Beyond Aerial Silks –

While their aerial silk performances are aweinspiring, Tiffany and Connor offer a comprehensive package of talent. From Acro adagio, showcasing seamless partner acrobatics, to the captivating allure of fire performances, they bring an array of acts to suit every event’s unique ambiance.

– Artistry in Motion –

What sets Tiffany and Connor apart is not just their breathtaking aerial displays, but the meticulous storytelling woven into each performance. With slick choreography, stunning costumes, and exquisite technique, they transform their aerial acts into captivating narratives, leaving audiences enthralled.

– The Act for Every Occasion –

Whether it’s an upscale corporate gathering, a grand special occasion, or an event that demands a touch of the extraordinary, Tiffany and Connor tailor their acts to create a perfect fit. Their versatility ensures that every moment is met with a bespoke performance that lingers in the memories of those who witness it.


‘Ellevate’ Your Event; Elevate the Skies with



“I don’t know how they do it! I was absolutely mesmerised by the whole thing. Thank You Tiffany and Connor!”


“Tiffany and Connor provided and absolute spectacle for our event. What an incredible pair of performers.”



“I’m still in awe about what I saw last night. The athleticism, the performance, the WOW Factor. What a truly phenonemal performance.”