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Get ready to kick off the ultimate party experience with L.O.O.P.!


Prepare to have your expectations shattered as this dynamic duo brings the house down with their jaw-dropping show.


L.O.O.P. isn’t your average party act – they’re a world-class duo consisting of professional musicians Minhee Jones and Vicky O’Neon.

Armed with cutting-edge ‘loop’ technology, they weave multiple instruments and voices into every tune, delivering a high-energy live music spectacle of epic proportions. Your audience will be blown away by the authenticity of the sound, and those with even just a small knowledge of music technology will be staggered by the equipment and musicianship utilised in creating this incredible party atmosphere.

This brand new act is just hitting the scene and starting to accept bookings. Don’t miss out on the chance to secure one of the industry’s most exhilarating new acts for your event. With L.O.O.P, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable party experience that will leave your guests talking long after the music stops.

L.O.O.P don’t just ‘cover’ the music

They ARE the music.

“They need to be seen and HEARD to be believed! UNREAL!”


 “They sounded just like the record!”


 “THANK YOU! My feet still hurt!”